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100% Blue agave blanco tequila

Madam Paleta's flavor infused tamarind tequila is an authentic taste of Mexico: a burst of flavor that’s bold yet subtle, tangy yet sweet, both surprising and familiar.  

From street tacos to traditional moles, each bite tells a story of rich cultural heritage and passionate craftsmanship, where spices dance on your tongue and fresh ingredients sing with authenticity. Let your senses revel in the intricate tapestry of flavors that our tamarind tequila offers, evoking daydreams of bustling markets and sun-drenched plazas.

LEGAL Enjoy responsibly. Jobu Beverages & Madam Paleta Tequila is not a retailer. All alcohol orders are sold and shipped by licensed retailers on the network of merchants. is operated by ReserveBar, an independent theirs party marketing company. The availability of alcohol products for delivery to any customer, and the acceptance and fulfillment of any orders, is the independent decision and responsibility of ReserveBar and its retailer network.

¡tamarind Cocktails!


spicy tamarind margarita

Spicy tamarind

Madam Paleta Tamarind Tequila
Fresh Lime Juice
Meyer Lemon Juice
Jarritos Tamarind Soda
Jalapeño Honey Syrup

2 oz 

1 oz 
1.5 oz
.5 oz
.75 oz 
.5 oz 


cosmorita shot


Madam Paleta Tamarind Tequila
Triple Sec
Cranberry Juice
Quarter of a fresh lime

.75 oz 

.75 oz 
.5 oz


roman tegroni

Roman empire

Madam Paleta Tamarind Tequila
Dry Vermouth

1 oz 

.5 oz 
.5 oz

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