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Anna rupprecht

Anna Rupprecht is an incredible artist from Berlin. We have the pleasure of featuring her art on our very first label run for Madam Paleta flavor infused tequila. We found Anna through the wonderful world of Instagram, and were drawn to the bold colors of her art and the empowering feminine themes throughout. We soon found ourselves in a budding relationship with her agency and Anna herself. 

The task was simple: create artwork that is true to your voice and speaks to our brand. 

We think Anna knocked it out of the park. We hope you enjoy her art too! 

There are three unique pieces of art on each flavor of Madam Paleta flavor infused tequila. Enjoy!

About Anna

Anna Rupprecht is an artist and illustrator based in Berlin, Germany.

Her works are mainly focused on current society topics, the millennial-generation, fashion, equality and female empowerment. Her style is bold and colorful, rendered almost like a comic strip. She has already worked for a wide range of international, well known clients, such as New Yorker Magazine, Netflix, Adidas, Bumble, Pinterest and many more.


What art means to Anna:

For me art is a never-ending journey, a constant exploration of possibilities and a reflection of my evolving self. Through my art, I can convey complex ideas, evoke emotions, and create connections with others who may resonate with my work. Moreover, it becomes a rock-solid foundation when I find myself in times of turmoil or when I'm feeling down.


Anna's approach to art:

My artistic approach is a fusion of digitally generated clear outlines, captivating dynamics, vibrant colors influenced by current fashion trends, and a touch of humor. It is also important to me to capture the "zeitgeist" as well as alienating objects and giving them new whimsical abilities.


Anna's approach to the Madam Paleta's bottle labels:

My approach to designing inside label artworks for the tequila bottles was driven by the desire to provide a fun experience for consumers. By harnessing the inherent qualities of glass and exploring extreme angles through the fish-eye look, I aimed to captivate and transport individuals to a realm where tequila and art converge.

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