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With real, natural fruit infusion, our grapefruit will take you on a walk through the proverbial orchard. 

This is like having a pineapple in a bottle. It's fresh; it's fine; it's perfect on its own or in literally any cocktail. 

The surprise of our lineup, our Tamarind flavor infused tequila is the most authentic taste-of-Mexico that you'll find.  

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looking for some

alcohol charisma?

We got you!


What's so special about flavor infused tequila?

Our flavor infused tequila is very different than the typical "flavored spirit" fad you'll find at the liquor store. By infusing natural flavors from the grapefruit, pineapple, and tamarind directly into the tequila, we're able to capture a most authentic and true-to-character taste. 


This means that the taste-less bite of your typical tequila is enhanced with a smooth, flavorful base. Your shots are an instant cocktail, and your cocktails, have an instant advantage and ease.

The difference is very obvious.

There are no fake flavors or syrups or sugar-based enhancements– what you see is what you get! Our process involves natural flavors directly from the source paired with beeswax to directly infuse and bind with the tequila. It's smooth and delicious!


our standard is quality.

You'll find the same care and quality that we put into our flavor infused tequila in our bottle design!


Our labels feature bad-ass artists, who are driving forces in their own spheres and "changing the game" one artistic stroke at a time. Check them out!


We are the official flavor infused tequila of

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